First Time Set Up

Plug in the 100. Make sure the red light on the side can be seen.

Plug in the LAN cable - one end goes to the 100 while the other end goes to any open LAN port on your router

On your device (smartphone or pc) find the Wifi 100-xyz. Click on it. Make sure it says "Connected".

Open a browser and type in in the URL bar or scan the QR code below (The QR code will only work after you are have finished the above steps)

Enter the 4 digit code located at the back of your 100.

Complete the registration process and remember your username and password. Also make sure you enter a valid email address.

Reboot the 100. Wait a minute or two. Again join the Wifi 100-xyz and go to

Change Your SSID

Log in as Admin. In the Home Page, under the Settings section, find the Edit Button and click. This will take you to the Network settings page. Change the settings here.

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