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Gate Closings
2018-7-3 10:27:46

As many of you know the gates will be closed at 11pm every night. You can use your cards to get through after that. For those of you who dont carry the cards, your phone number along with your code can be entered at the check post.

No need to call the office !!
Grand Sale
2018-5-30 12:57:26

The Publix is having a sale - Salmon 1lb only 1.99$. Looks like they have to sell it quick. They look fine. Just cook it in the next few days. Hurry on this one. May be gone in the next 2 days.
Bake Sale
2018-2-3 14:87:26

The Smiths are having a Bake Sale to support Mrs. Greens stay at the hospital. Saturday 10th 5pm to 7pm. Drop by, contribute and enjoy the cakes.
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