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Neighbor Ramasamis
We are your neighbors, the Ramasamis. Thats me and my daughter in the photo below. She is 1.5 years old. I am sure you have seen us walking and playing in the park.

I am a software engineer and an Indian Institute of Technology alumnus. I am a US citizen of Indian origin and have lived in China for about 15 years. I have lived in this neighborhood for about 4 years.

I am also an artist and have exhibited in about 50 exhibitions including two in the 798 art district. I like to tinker with tech. If you are interested in 3d printing, Arduino, Raspberry pi etc, get in touch with me.

My wife is a Doctor and works for the Beihai Hospital. She likes to run and to shop :-)

My daughter Maya likes to eat manana (banana) and apo (apple)

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